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CSA Expands Coverage

CSA Travel Protection  announced that its newly enhanced travel insurance products and services include acceptance of pre-existing medical conditions prior to or within 24 hours before final trip payment.

That's a huge benefit for consumers booking cruises or tours. Many insurance policies either exclude pre-existing conditions or exclude them unless the customer pays for the trip months in advance.  

"Millions of people will be planning for, or embarking on, a cruise this year, and they plan early. With so much time between the initial trip deposit and final payment, we feel travelers deserve some flexibility in finalizing details," said Les Maine, CSA chairman and president. Call 800-873-9855 or visit www.csatravelprotection.com

Peachy Driving

Don’t leave home without checking out Navigator, the Georgia Department of Transportation's online resource. The high-tech site can help smooth your road journey. You’ll discover highway information, “Top Five” real-time roadway incidents and accidents as well as roadway delay or closure details.

You also can retrieve maps, estimated trip times and weather information. Best of all, you can click on dozens of cameras to view the latest traffic flow on such roadways as I-75 or I-85. Visit www.georgia-navigator.com.

Help for Travelin' Moms

Parents know that taking a trip with a baby can be a nightmare. Often, the baby fall asleep in the car or plane and the pacifier falls out. As a result, the baby often wakes up. 

Now, one Connecticut mother whose son kept waking up on a trip has developed The WubbaNub Infant Pacifier. The manufacturer says the pacifier will stay in the baby's mouth even while your bundle of joy is asleep. Thus, the baby has peaceful uninterrupted sleep.  

Photo of toy with pacifier goes here.

The WubbaNub is available nationwide through specialty stores, boutiques, catalogs and online retailers. It was first launched in the FAO Schwarz flagship stores, including those in Nevada, San Francisco and New York. Kitson in Los Angeles is also carrying the product.  For more information, visit www.WubbaNub.com

(Note: SouthernTravelNews.com™ prints product informatiion like this as a service to readers but does not guarantee quality, appropriateness or results). 


Travel Tips & Gadgets
When You Lose Track of Time, Day Clock is a Plus

When you're on a fast-paced tour or car trip, you usually have a set itinerary. So you likely know what day it is. But if you're headed for a more leisurely, flexible vacation -- perhaps to a vacation home, cabin or RV, you might lose track of time. While everyone wears a watch to tell the time, it's sometimes hard to remember exactly what day it is. Now, there's a helpful tool -- the Day Clock. Read on for more detail....
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Family Backpack Delivers Pockets & Compartments

Freelance travel writer and copy editor Lizz Dinnigan headed off on Carnival Miracle in May, and we sent her on her cruise with a "review product" -- the Family Backpack from Briggs & Riley’s signature Baseline collection. We wanted Lizz and her family (husband Joe, son Jack who is 4, and son Casey who is 15 months) to trial the backpack and see if it really was helpful to families on the go. Read on for Lizz's perspective on the backpack...
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Getting Medical Care At Sea

When you’re enjoying a relaxing cruise vacation, the last place you want to go is the ship's medical clinic. Yet, it's good to know the cruise lines have quality medical facilities. Marilyn Green, a well-known cruise reporter and editor, and Susan J. Young, SouthernCruising.com's (TM) editor, look at medical care at sea, what to expect when you need services, how to avoid the stomach flu and why travel insurance is important.
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How to Choose a Travel Agent?

To agent or not? That's the question many consumers ask. Travel agents perform a valuable service, often at no charge to you. They can take the hassle out of the travel arrangements. And it's always good to have a someone working for you if you're on the road and trouble develops with your arrangements.

But how do you find a good travel agent. Like anything else, there are good and bad apples. Many are very reputable, professional and filled with knowledge that can add value to your vacation experience. Others may not be what you need.

Freelance writer Carol Eannarino helps you sort through the best practices for finding a good travel agent.
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"Talking" First Aid Kit Guides RVers and Campers

In our "we've not seen this before but why didn't someone think of it sooner" file, the new Intelligent First Aid Kit actually talks the user through how to do CPR on adults and children; how to handle a sting ray bite; how to keep someone warm who is going into shock and how to stop bleeding, among other tasks. While it's not something we believe we'd necessarily turn to at home -- particularly with 911 service or a doctor's advice close at hand -- the kit could be very helpful to vacationers traveling in out-of-the-way spots around the South. For example, it would be helpful for RVers, vacation home renters and those who enjoy camping in remote locales. Read on to learn more about this interesting first aid concept.
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